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We partner with Farm Equipment Rental Companies in Nigeria to make tractors and other farm equipments available for you.

The Jamis Bank Story.

Jamis Bank was started as a 'susu' (informal loan and credit club) in 2008 in the city of Makurdi.

It grew and became a Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) licensed Microfinance Bank in 2010.

It has been 11 years of helping traders and farmers with micro lending banking solutions.

We are on a mission to put smiles on faces of small holder farmers and AgriBusiness Investors.

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We offer low interest, fast approval savings and loans services to small holder farmers.

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We provide farmers with farm Equipments, farm inputs and Agricultural services


We provide developers with technology infrastructure to power fintech products

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"Jamis Bank gave me a loan for my rice farm last year. I harvested 100 bags of rice and make good profit. God bless you people"

Doosuur Terkimbi.

"Jamis Bank has helped me grow my fish business. I built my own house this year. They gave me loan and thought me how to manage my business. God bless Jamis."

Ocholongwa Achegbulu.

"I love the great APIs Jamis Bank tech team built. It helps me to power my Fintech products easily. Kudos to you guys!"

Adewale Usman

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